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Arabic calligraphy History

Arabic Calligraphy History

Arabic Calligraphy History Arabic calligraphy is an ancient art form with a rich history that spans over a millennium. Its origins can be traced back to the 7th century with the advent of Islam. The earliest examples of Arabic calligraphy were found in inscriptions on the walls of the Kaaba, the holiest site in Islam,…

Styles of Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic Calligraphy styles

Arabic Calligraphy Styles   Arabic calligraphy is a form of visual art that has played a significant role in the culture and history of the Arab world. It is the art of writing Arabic script in a decorative and visually appealing way. It is considered one of the most highly respected forms of art in…


Names in Arabic Calligraphy

Names in Arabic calligraphy   In Arabic calligraphy, names hold a special significance. A person’s name is often seen as a reflection of their identity and personality, and as such, it is given great importance in Arabic culture.   In traditional Arabic calligraphy, names are written in various calligraphic styles such as Naskh, Thuluth, and…