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Our mission is to introduce the art and aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy to new people, Arabic or foreign, and by starting with writing their names, we hope to bring attention to this lesser known art form. Arabic calligraphy is both an art and a science. It takes elegance, creativity, and discipline to be able to write one of the world’s most beautiful languages in this way.

Arabic calligraphy holds a significant cultural value for many, and has become an essential element in their lives. This is evident especially in the Muslim world, where houses are decorated with framed calligraphy, mosques are adorned with it all over their walls, and millions of books and other publications have been written in one calligraphic script or another. Arabic calligraphy also provides a spiritual connection for those, who derive its sanctity from the Holy Qur’an and Hadith, vital to understanding Muslim culture and art.

Our website allows people with no knowledge of the Islamic arts or Arabic calligraphy to learn more about this form of expression. You can have your name or company’s logo scripted and written from a large variety of calligraphic styles, such as Naskh, Diwani, Thuluth, Reqaa, Farsi (Nastaleeq) and Kufic. You can control the color of the background and ink, and the size of the final piece, to fit your needs. An additional service for writing baby names can be found here. In a budget friendly way you can have a piece of Arabic art customized for your personal or commercial needs.

Arabic Calligraphy Names
Write your name in Arabic calligraphy

One of the most popular goals when studying calligraphy is learning how to write your name in Arabic calligraphy. Arabic calligraphy has been around for thousands of years and was one of the earliest forms of calligraphy that is still in practice today. Calligraphy, in general, is still used in some Arab nations for religious writings and documents, in addition to art. Since there are Muslim groups who oppose any art form depicting people or living things, calligraphy continues to be a much cherished art form for them.

If you’ve ever seen Arabic calligraphy, it is very elegant due to its use of various swags, symbols and lines. The lines, which may or may not be connected to each other, form letter shapes instead of actual letters.

To write your name in Arabic calligraphy will require studying these various letter shapes, of which there are 18. Interestingly, even though you’re spelling your name (proper noun), there are no capital letters in Arabic calligraphy.

When thinking of the alphabet, as in the ABC’s as a lot of us know it, Arabic instead uses symbols or dots above certain letter shapes to identify letter shapes and/or pronunciation of their alphabet. Only three of the vowels are in written form, and the others are represented by symbols.

There are different variations of the Arabic alphabet, and all can be gloriously captured in calligraphy.

Before you learn how to write your name in Arabic calligraphy, you first need to determine which of the styles you would like to use. The six styles of Arabic calligraphy include: Taliq (or Farsi), Kufi, Riqa, Naskh, Deewani, and Thuluth. These Arabic calligraphy styles are close to a script style or cursive font, but are more artful looking than written words as we know them in English.

Once you learn how to write your name in Arabic calligraphy, you can also opt to write it out on a high quality piece of paper and place in a frame. Just framing your name in Arabic calligraphy creates a most exquisite and unique art piece. A good Arabic calligraphy style to begin with is Kufic, which is one of the most popular

There are online tutorials, videos and websites to walk you through the Arabic alphabet, which will help you begin to understand how to form the appropriate letter shapes.

As with any form of calligraphy, you’ll need practice to master spacing of letters; lettering sizes; choosing the best calligraphy pen; and of course, learning the proper angles and lettering strokes.

Learning how to write your name in Arabic calligraphy is a way to learn other very different forms of calligraphy, with the added personal interest of seeing your name written in a completely foreign yet beautiful way.

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