Learn Arabic calligraphy online for free

Learn Arabic calligraphy online for free

On this page, you will find a selection of the best video toturials of Naskh script. Once you watch the videos then follow scripting of the letters, you learn how to write each letter step by step. Naskh Calligraphy is characterized by beauty, ease and clarity. It is called the curved script, or the Naskhi script. It is the script that children learn in elementary schools, it is sufficient for it to be honored that the verses of the Noble Qur’an were scripted by it, that is why Naskh calligraphy became distinct from the rest of calligraphy styles. If you want to learn how to write Naskh script and the rest of Arabic scripts such as (Thuluth – Diwani – Farsi – Raq’ah – Kofi), you can register for the calligraphy course you want through Arabic calligraphy course registration link

Alef Baa Geem Dal Letters

Raa, Seen, Sad, and Taa Letters

Ain, Fa, Qaf, Kaf and Lam Letters

Meem, Noon, Ha, Waw and Ya Letters